Marco Torres

Marco TorresI recently attended a professional development day organised by the Diocese of Wollongong for the Macarthur Catholic High Schools that will be implementing a 1:1 laptop program with their year 7 classes in 2008. I must say it was the most worthwhile PD experience i think i have ever engaged in and i found Marco to be an excellent presenter who showed an obvious passion for what he did and a very honest and simple way of sharing his philosophies on education. Of particular interest was the wide range of student work he presented and related to in his keynote and workshop. A google search on Marco will turn up lots of great websites he has been involved in creating but of particular interest for PDHPE teachers was a students work on seatbelts. An extremely simple concept that packs a lot of punch. It can be found at this website titled ‘parents’. This example in his presentation really got me thinking about the possibilities and potential of ICT and how it can be incorporated into our current programs to engage students and have them create work that may make a difference to themselves and others.

Some of the key points and qoutes i took from the day were:

‘Quit, Complain or Innovate’ – a nice little saying Marco referred to that educators can use to focus their energies.

Marco insists all work his students do must be ‘Relevant, Meaningful and Applicable’ – . Fits along the Quality teaching framework of ‘Significance’. This includes having his students do a lot of work in the local community and his students produce work that can be published. Amongst other things he showed us a band from his school that they promoted as a class project and ended up getting a theme song under the latest spiderman movie.

“Hire for attitude, train for skills” liked this one in regards to choosing people to work with.

“live like a surfer” – Accept that ‘wiping out’ is a part of the journey and embrace it. Don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things. Don’t let the fear of wiping out hold you back from doing things.

There are some other great blogs out there about Marco’s presentations that I have come across such as by Vince, Will, and Wesley amongst others. As I am writing this a few months after the presentation my memories are somewhat sketchy and these people have done a much better job of elaborating on wht Marco is on about.

If you ever have the opportunity to see him speak i would highly recommend it!!!


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