Blogs in PDHPE

I have recently been reading a lot of blogs from other educators and educational leaders and have been amazed at how much i have taken from the experience. To be able to get ideas and information from people all over the world who are experts in their field in such a simple manner to me highlights their potential in the classroom. Even the process of starting to blog myself forces me (in a nice way) to reflect on things and clarify in my own mind where i stand. While it may be messy at first i presume i will improve at this reflective practise and be able to organise my ideas better as i continue.

I suppose that blogs provide opportunities in a few ways in the classroom. 1. Through students reading other blogs and commenting on them, and 2. Students creating their own blogs.

I have included some basic information below on what blogs are for those new to the area from what i understand of them at the moment. There is a huge amount of material out there on them for those keen to research further.

Blogs or weblogs are essentially webpages that allow a person to provide an online viewpoint on issues and have the capacity for others to leave feedback. Some blogs can be set to private to act like a personal diary but essentially they are designed for others to be able to comment on points raised. They provide a very simple way for students to publish information to the internet. I have linked to a few good articles that explain what blogs are in more detail and more explicitly. These include wikipedia,, and

“In a broader and more educational system, blogs are about communicating. You observe your experience, reflect on it, and then write about it. Other people read your reflections, respond from their perspectives by commenting or writing their own blog article. You read their perspectives, often learn something through their eyes, and write some more”. classroom 2.0. I found this site quite interesting and provides information on a wide range of web 2.0 applications that can be used by educators.

How can we use these in PDHPE??
1. Journal type activities – eg: first weeks at high school.
2. Create a blog on an issue eg:skin cancer- could include video, podcasts etc.
3. process diary for a project. Teacher could use RSS feeds to monitor the class so they don’t have to continually check every blog in the class. RSS would collect all recent posts for the class for viewing.
4. Edublogs – 10 ways to incorporate blogs into your teaching.


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