Podcasts in PDHPE

Podcasts are essentially audio files that can be uploaded and downloaded on the internet. They provide an avenue for students to publish to the internet and can provide great opportunity for creativity and engagement. They also provide students with the opportuninty to download other podcasts and learn from them.

Podcasting has become a popular mainstream way of sharing information and is used by radio stations and mainstream media to connect with those who may miss their regular shows and to cater for those who prefer this ‘on demand’ method of communicating . The idea of creating and publishing their own podcast can motivate and focus students and is a learning tool that has relevance in a range of subject areas. A great example of using podcasts in pdhpe is this sample from St Josephs Albion Park. A year 11 class has created a range of podcasts on First Aid and have done a great job. Well worth look!! St Josephs podcasts.

St Jospephs podcasts
In PDHPE there are lots of ways podcasting could be utilised. Some ideas include:
* Students could create their own radio show on a range of topics around healthy living.
– Creating radio ads about health related issues.
– Talkback radio theme.
– Creating their own songs related to health.
– Health podcast where students discuss issues.

Here is a great U.K based site that elaborates a lot more on the potential of podcasts in the classroom. Exploiting the educational potential of podcasting.


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