I was lucky enough to be a part of a group of staff members from Magdalene to attend the Navcon conference held on the central coast. The conference is run annually and is driven by a group of ‘navigator’ schools in Victoria. It focuses on teaching and learning in the 21st century and i felt it was a very well run conference. I was quite looking forward to the keynotes as my last keynote with Marco Torres was a great inspriation however I probably felt the keynotes were a bit of a let down. The speakers were all of excellent background and are clearly experts in their field but found I didn’t really connect with their message as much. Where I found Marco very practical and could relate everything to the classroom I felt at Navkon the keynotes were like sitting in the lecture halls at University again and it all seemed very theoretical. Could well be a reflection on where I am at as the keynotes were probably pitched a those well above where I am on my journey.

I did however find the vast majority of spotlights and workshops to be excellent and got a lot of great ideas about ways of integrating technology into our programs. There were a lot of inspiring presenters who were all too willing to share there ideas and have given me lots to take away and ponder. A few of the ideas I have taken away…
1. Why use this technology? Is this the best way to do the activity?
2. Simply using technology will not make you a good teacher. Pedagogy is critical.
3. Web 2.0 offers new tools that have never been available before and have huge potential for engaging & motivating students and having students collaborate and take ownership of their learning.
4. The importance of reflective practice and continually striving to do better for my students.
5. Our world and our students are changing and the education system will need to make some pretty big changes soon to stay relevant and prepare students for the future.


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