k12onlinebannerI have found myself quite motivated after Navcon and find myself seeking out everything I can to implement the ideas I have picked up into my teaching. I have stumbled across an online conference titled K12 online in my quest for knowledge and have just watched the pre conference keynote. I found the keynote to be very good and this to me this really highlights the potential of the capabilities of technology for learning. The boundaries for education and for learning are changing. While I attended Navcon in person a few days ago I feel I have access to just as powerful a learning experience right in my loungeroom. I can participate at my own pace in my own time and revisit as often as I need to clarify my understanding. I am really only limited by my own abilites in regards to what I learn.

I think the real challenge is going to be getting my head around all of this and harnessing some of the many tools out there to create meaningful experiences for my students. It is also much more than simply using a few tools as the planning and pedagogy ( I hate that word but can’t think of a better one) behind using these tools are the linchpin in ensuring it will be successful.

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