rss.jpg I looked at the little RSS symbol in the URL bar for a long time wondering what it was for and only recently discovered what this little gem is for. It basically can collect new information from webpages that you would like it to and enable you to check it all in one place. The tool they use as the collector is called an aggregator and can save an awful lot of time in looking at websites and checking if there is anything new there for you. I currently have about 10 blogs that I have an aggregator collect from and so I can just check 1 page to see if anyone has added anything new. I also have the Board of Studies feed come through there so I can see anytime they release something new.Great little tool that is a big time saver and keeps me up to date with everything I want. I use google reader as my aggregator but there are lots of others out there that have more features an I will eventually get around to checking some out. At the moment google reader has me covered. Quick intro from google about what their reader does below.[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]


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