I stumbled across this great little tool at Navcon in a presentation and found it very effective today in my senior PDHPE class. Gapminder is basically a graphing application that has data loaded in from all over the world about life expectancy and infant mortality etc. The graphs are based over the last 25 or so years and are interactive meaning you can slide through the years and see the changes straight away. It is very good at highlighting trends over time if you click on the little ‘trails’ button.

Check out countries like Rawanda who have undergone times of war and civil unrest. You see the life expectancy drop from 45 years to below 25 years of age around 1993 and the students were quite shocked by this. This also reinforces the fact that epidemiology does not tell us everything about health and that it fails to take in socio cultural consideration and the reasons behind any changes.


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