2008 – Where to begin

As 2008 looms ever so close by, it is time to start putting a lot of the ideas and thoughts into a concrete plan for the start of next year as our year 7 notebook program is about to kick off. At this stage my ideas will focus around integrating two key web 2.0 concepts into my teaching being blogs and wikis. We have Pearson Education (ABLE publishing) creating workbooks for our students which will incorporate a lot of ICT based skills and activities including mind mapping and using applications such as comic life etc. I think that extending this by incorporating blogs and setting up a class wiki as part of the students class work will provide extra scope for the students to engage with the subject and also help me trial using these. My ideas around the blog is to set up a class blog that I may post relevant material on and questions relating to the work we do in class and I will also have students create their own blog  that I will link together through the blog roll in the class blog. Students will be required to complete a fortnightly post about what we have covered in class on their own blog and I may assist this by the way of providing a few stimulus questions if required by the students. I intend to keep it pretty loosely structured at this stage as I want to see where the students take it and how well they take to the ideas.  

My idea for the wiki is that students will collaborate to produce study notes/class text book on the information we cover so that they have a quality guide they can use for the end of semester exams.  Again I aim to structure this quite loosely and see how the students take to it. I may allocate some time for students to work on this at the end of each unit and I will probably set up a basic structure for them to operate within to keep them on the right track in regards to what they are required to do by the syllabus and program. A little limiting but at this stage still important I think. 


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