Web 2.0 for teachers


Image from http://prblog.typepad.com

While I can see the huge potential for learning using web 2.0 with students I am thinking at the moment that the benefits are even greater for teachers. The ability to develop professional learning networks in a really simple, time efficient manner has so many benefits which include the sharing of ideas and resources and tapping into the wisdom of the many experienced teachers out there.

From my experience teaching is a fairly ‘closed’ profession in that we don’t regularly share ideas between faculties and schools and a lot of great ideas are confined to a very small group of people within a school or faculty. If we could open up this information to a wider audience and get more people sharing their ideas then the benefits of this could be huge. The one’s to benefit most could be new teachers who get to see the ideas and thoughs of experienced teachers and who would have the potential to reach out to others outside their school environment for advice or information.

I would particularly like to see more experienced teachers, lectures and policy developers in the area of PDHPE share their knowledge and philosophies on teaching. While there is not a lot out there at the moment in our area I think this may change a lot over the next 5-10 years.


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