PDHPE Top 10 online resources

I have read quite a few handy little ‘top 10’ posts so figure I will give it a try for PDHPE online resources. Not in any particular order.

1. HSC Online – Lots of great stuff here and hopefully they will continue to add to it over time.

2. PDHPE Teachers Association – particularly the conference link which has content from previous keynotes and workshops.

3. Curriculum support – exists to assist the implementation of the PDHPE syllabus. Has access to professional development, resources and online courses.

4. Board of Studies – syllabus, support materials and other essentials including the online multiple choice.

5. AIS Professional Development – run lots of great PD courses.

6. ARC – Assessment Resource Centre -assessment samples and information on assessment and reporting.

7. Bored of Studies – site where students submit study notes and assignments. Good to be aware of for plagiarism but also can be a good resource for students.

8. AIHW – publishes a number of reports that are heavily used in the HSC Course including Australia’s Health.

9. del.icio.us – I have written an entry about social bookmarking previously and this site has great potential to help teachers share great resources and save a lot of time finding great quality sites. The more people that use it the more beneficial it should be. Here are my pdhpe links http://del.icio.us/bmcallis/pdhpe

10. ??? Any suggestions?


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