Blogging in the classroom 2

Our ICT coordinator, John Coppola came into our class the other day and put me on the spot to talk about what we were doing with our class blog and the video is below. I wrote an entry just the other day about this so here is the class in action!!

I’m not all that comfortable being on camera and don’t really like publishing it on here but the purpose of me blogging is for reflection and sharing so I have to get over my own issues and put it out there. I also like the idea of an open classroom where we share what we do in our classrooms and open it up for discussion so I am trying to back that up in practice.  

As always the words don’t seem to come out just as I would like and it is all much clearer in my head but articulating what I do and think is something I definitely need to work on so this is a start. The key element I missed talking about was the students being able to collaborate and use each others work to develop their own understanding which is very useful in a competency based course like sport coaching. 




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