PDHPE Teachers using web 2.0

I have been enjoying my journey on the web 2.0 path, but have really looked forward to finding other teachers using the technologies in meaningful and relevant ways in the PDHPE learning area. I was very excited to come across Ben Jones’s work, who is leading the way in how to implement these technologies for both personal professional development and also in the classroom to enhance student learning. Check out this great video Ben created about using a wii remote to create an intereactive whiteboard at a cost of $55.

I am sure there are lots of other PDHPE Teachers doing great work also but my searching has not uncovered them as yet. I am sure I will come across more and more teachers utilising these tools over the next few years and then I think the real benefits of web 2.0 will come through with a larger range of teachers with common goals using and sharing with one another. Exciting times ahead!!


One Response

  1. bmcallis
    You will find that video is very quiet, I have just filtered and enhanced the sound if you could link to this it would be appreciated as I’m about to remove the old.


    Best place to start is http://www.wiimoteproject.com

    Happy web2.0ing

    Ben 🙂

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