Interactive Whiteboard – Nintendo wii

The verdict: works well and plenty of potential with this one!!!

I finally got around to having a go at setting up interactive whiteboard using a nintendo wii controller and a homemade infrared light. I stumbled across a presentation on TED talks by Johnny Lee who developed a program to enable the wiimote to interact with the light source and projection of the computer screen to effectively create a very cheap interactive whiteboard. When I noticed that fellow PDHPE teacher Ben Jones had done this it got me into gear to have a go.

Not being handy at all I followed these directions to create the infrared pen and managed to get it all up and running. If I could solder it would have halved the time it took me but a good hour or so and I was done!!

Then I just downloaded the program to read the wiimote on the macbook and I was away. I had the kids playing a few games on the wiggles website which they loved and had a little play around myself. I Will play around with this some more in the near future and hopefully get back with some ways I have integrated this into the classroom.

There is loads of information out there on the wiimote intereactive whiteboard and a great starting site is Ben Jones’s video is also a great insight into potential uses.


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  2. thanks for sharing the website on wiimoteproject.

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