Not enough time?

I always thought that as the years went by, teaching would become easier and easier with the demands on my time lessening as I established myself and set up all my programs and plans etc. How wrong could I be.  It seems that the demands on our time are always increasing and I am yet to meet a teacher who thinks that  teaching is becoming easier. It is really an endless job and to do every expected task to its full borders on impossible and always ends up with the need to prioritise which tasks are most critical and do our best with the things that are lower down the order.
Unfortunately I think one of the things that is commonly pushed to the bottom of the list is professional learning and ‘sharpening the saw’ so to speak. I can see this is a false economy where in the long run we are going to be a lot worse off and the students in our classrooms will be effected also.

This is somewhere I think technology can be our friend, even though it is an area where a lot of people see it as being another distraction and thing that we do not have time for. I only learnt about tools like RSS and Blogs and the benefits that online networking can provide last year but already feel that the learning I get from these far exceeds anything I received in the 6 years beforehand.

Why? Because I choose what is relevant to me and what I need. Because I can get it to come to me (RSS etc) and I can do it in my own time when I am ready for it. I have access to leading presenters/thinkers all over the world who 10 years ago I would never have had the opportunity to see or hear about. I have just watched a few presentations from the NECC conference which were awesome, and that in the past I would have had to fly half way around the world to hear (which I never could have done). I can watch these in my lounge chair as I please which I find pretty amazing.

I figure that the ‘time’ issue in teaching is only going to become worse and that if we are serious about professional learning and improving our practices than harnessing available technology is critical. As our Principal always says ‘it is about working smarter, not harder’ and technologies available to us now offer this, we just need to know how to utilise these tools.


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