game sense approach

I was first introduced to the game sense approach while at Wollongong University under Dr Paul Webb. To me it is an approach that makes sense and keeps the element of fun at the heart of what we do which I think is critical when trying to get young people physically active. If they are having fun then they are more likely to participate beyond their years at school which is one of our major goals in physical education. There is ample evidence in the links below to support the approach from a pedagogical perspective beyond it being more fun for participants.

There seems to be a growing list of resources to support the approach and I figured I might try and organise some of them together here. We are in the process of revamping our practical programs and it is always handy to have the resources somewhere close by.

activehealth- game sense – University of Wollongong Site which is a great resource for the game sense approach.

Curriculum support – NSW DET resource on game sense. Great information and sample lessons available also.

Barker College – an outline of interesting study taking place with some great information in regards to the game sense approach (games for understanding).

Greg Forrest – Lecturer at UOW – presentation delivered at the 2007 PDHPE Teachers Conference on Game Sense. -my links at delicious about game sense. Will update these over time to add relevant resources etc.


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