Time – indicative hours in PDHPE

Some ramblings about how much time we get with our students:

Time spent in PE lessons per fortnight = 1 hr 40mins

Time in PDH classes each fortnight = 2hrs 30 mins

Time watching t.v/using computer each fortnight = 28+ hours

This convinces me of a few things.

1. We really do need more time to be effective and cover the vast amount of important content prescribed in the syllabus. Also, the little time we have with students has to be used productively.

2. Students must learn to be critical consumers of information from television, the internet and the mainstream media. If we don’t want our kids to learn the ways of the world by Paris Hilton and co. then we need to equip them with the tools to deconstruct the messages they get and interpret them for themselves.

3. We need to be realistic about how much we can cover in our classes and the depth which we can cover this in. The times listed above are without interuptions and we certainly have plenty of those which cut down further on how much time we have with our students.

To make sense of this I find that figuring out what the messages I want them to leave my class with for each lesson (and year) helps to make sure I use the time I have to get across the key messages intended by the subject. Could sure use some more time though!!Technorati Tags:


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