HSC forums

The HSC Online forums have been running recently and I see them as being a really valuable resource for students. Students can ask questions and get answers from experts in the field. Even if students do not have questions, reading through others questions and the answers posted is a great way to reinforce their knowledge and understanding. Students can also attempt to answer the question themselves which is a great way to apply their knowledge.

My only fault with the service is that the time it runs for is very limited and the posts are withdrawn almost immediately after the closing of the forum. I think there is benefit in leaving the forum available to be read right up to the HSC, even if students can no longer post. Obviously the forums cannot run indefinitely as the time required to moderate is unfeasable for the teachers and educators who do so.

The www.boredofstudies.org website fills a gap in some ways here as they provide a forum and study notes/resources that students share. The forum is maintained by students so there are some risks here in the accuracy of the information but for the best part I have found the students to be close to the mark. The study notes are also a great resource for students and while I can see a lot of teachers and educators might disagree, I think they are great for students to use, critique and add to their own notes as a way of preparing for the HSC.



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