HSC PDHPE Wiki progress

The wiki that has been built for this years HSC PDHPE class has just started getting a real workout from not only students from Magdalene, but also other schools around the state. (I monitor the site using a tool called ‘sitemeter‘ that tells me who is visiting and the town/city they are from. This provides some good feedback on how worthwhile the project has been and whether it is useful and worth pursuing). 

One of the more contentious aspects I have recently added to the wiki is the summary notes for each of the Cores and Options that we do. 

I read about a teacher a while back who was getting exceptional results with his HSC chemistry class year after year and one of the strategies that he outlined as important was giving the students his summary notes for the course and having students improve them. This to me is effective as it provides the crucial information in a simple and structured manner and allows students a base of quality information to work from.

Some may argue that this is almost cheating and you are doing all the work for the students. I would argue that as a teacher our job is to provide high quality information to our students for them to have the best chance of doing well. Especially in the HSC which is a high pressure, high stakes exam I see it as our responsibility to provide simple, structured, quality information to our students. Just as a text books provides information so do the summary notes. 

The other part Iike about the summary notes is that it encourages students to critique the information presented as it has not been verified as the textbooks have and I make it very clear to students to expect mistakes in the summary notes and to try and improve them and add accuracy to the information. This teaches students to be critical of the information they receive and to validate it from other reliable sources.




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