PDHPE Conference 08 – Gen Y

Michael McQueen spoke at the PDHPE Conference again this year about engaging gen y in the classroom and it was once again a very interesting and well delivered presentation. While there was a lot of cross over from last year I enjoyed it anyway and felt it was worth summarising the key points as there is lots of food for thought for teachers.

5 Keys to engaging gen y

1. Put relationships before role
‘treat us like people – not just students’
“don’t smile until easter’ – power and control method – do you want students to fear you?
“don’t care how much you know until I know how much you care”
“students learn teachers, no subjects”

2. Develop rapport – be authentic – be real.
students relate best to real teachers – not necessarily hip and cool but honest, genuine, vulnerable and admit mistakes.
Take an interest – get to know your students.

3. Matrix learning
connecedness and relevance of what you do in class to what they know and their own experiences.
connect learning to the real world.

4. Use stories to make your point
don’t tell me it’s right – show me it works – you can do this through narrative.
be honest and authentic
beware of sharing that is self serving
don’t presume much
get to the point

5. Adopt a facilitator role
teachers are not the source of all knowledge anymore
teach them to think and question
avoid closed questions
ask one question at a time and choose your questions carefully
never ridicule or dismiss a response

Other messages he conveyed included

using positive affirmation – catch people doing the right thing and reward it – if people are recognised and rewarded it will be repeated. In prac lessons look for opportunities to recognise the less abled students.

Hi touch – no necessarily hi tech (students will respond when you engage their emotions and connect with them as human beings)

Questions the technology push – can be a great tool but it is not the
strategy and using technology for the sake of it misses the point.


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