Open Classroom

ustreamI have been reading about a number of teachers who live stream their teaching to the world and thought it would be an interesting project with a Senior PDHPE class. The next time I have a senior class my plan is to record all lessons and edit to the key teaching aspects and then upload these to the web so students and others can see what is happening.

Benefits I can foresee include students having access to classes if they are away and being able to use it for revision. Others could also critique the lessons and it has the potential to open up conversation around the teaching and learning strategies used. I see the major potential barrier as being the time required to edit and upload the videos and it may be the breaking point of the project but I still think I will give it a try and see how it goes. While the focus would not be on students I see it would be necessary for students to give consent along with their parents on the project.

I would like to see a DET or statewide attempt at the project where they identify a few quality teachers and organise for them to be recorded and use it as a Professional development type project. I think this would be great for beginning teachers especially but all teachers could potentially benefit.

Stay tuned.


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