Superior educational leaders

leadershipI just came across some great notes in regards to superior educational leaders. These are taken from Professor Viviane Robison (2007) at the 6th Conference of the Australian Centre for Educational Leadership.

Superior educational leaders demonstrate the following 7 sets of practices.

1 – Action focus – the leader is focused on making things happen, on clear goals and objectives.

2 – Performance focus – the leader is focused on planning and reviewing teaching and the curriculum and is actively involved in setting objectives across all year levels, decision making and teacher evaluation and feedback.

3 – Improvement focus – the leader is focused on making continual improvement and ensuring there are concrete improvement goals. The leader uses student evidence to improve teaching and monitors student progress.

4 – Contact focus – the leader stays in touch with all members of the community and involves the community in being a part of a learning organisation.

5 – Relationship focus – the leader develops and maintains positive work relationships within and outside the group. Staff feel protected from undue pressure and conflict is addressed quickly and effectively.

6 – Development focus – the leader is focused on participating in teacher learning and development. The leader is an active participanting in teacher learning and development, promotes discussions about teaching and displays intellectual leadership around pedagogy.

7 – Character focus – the leader displays at all times the highest personal ethics and work standards.


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