Educational Philosophy

I noticed a job application recently that teachers were to submit their educational philosophy as part of the application. I like the idea so thought I would give it a shot. (This will be edited and refined into the future.)

1. All students are capable of learning and learning is a natural human desire and something humans enjoy and seek. The classroom should aim to stimulate this natural desire.

2. Learning should be engaging and challenging for students.

3. Teachers have a responsibility to attempt to connect with the wide variety of learning styles that students posses.

4. Teachers have a responsibility to continually develop their skills and commit to lifelong learning themselves.

5. There is no one right way to do things. What works with one group or students may be totally ineffective with the next and vice versa. This supports the importance of the teacher knowing their students and continually evaluating and reflecting on what they do.

6. Relationships are critical for the classroom to thrive. Respect and trust being central.

7. Passion for the subject area is infectious.

8. Students will work to the level you expect them. Set the bar low and they will just make it. Set it high and they will just make it. Be unrealistic and lose them altogether. High expectations are essential for students to reach their potential.

9. Questioning is one of the critical skills in developing ‘thinking’ students. Give them all the answers and you may help them for the test but you cripple them for life. Make them think for themselves and constantly challenge them – (I need to improve here).

10. Knowledge



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