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Online Quizzes (click here for access to the quizzes and results sheets)

I had an idea recently to develop an online quiz that would mark itself for my skeletal system and muscle system quizzes. We quiz the students a lot for these rote learning style areas and while I still think the idea is great, in having used it there were a number of problems in implementing.

1. To be self marking you have to enter the correct answer/s into the formula in google docs and with anatomical terms there are a million ways the students find to spell each body part. Unless they enter one of the pre entered spellings then they get the answer incorrect when they actually may know the body part. This means you really need to double check the answers anyway. This would not be such a problem in other areas I don’t think, and could be a good way to improve literacy skills.

2. Embedding the form and the images on the page is a little tricky. This took longer than I thought and if you have more than a few answers to enter and can be difficult to present this in a user friendly way. For my muscles quiz students had to open the answers form in a seperate window and resize both windows to be able to see the both at the same time. This is another step to explain and teach and a small barrier to use.

3. Students can view there results if you let them which is good for instant feedback but you need to go in and copy down the formula to add them up. This means the test is not marked until you go in and update the formula. The answers can be added into the top cell of the spreadsheet so students can compare to the correct answers which still provides instant feedback also and makes them check to see which ones they got wrong.

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  1. Fantastic Idea. In the past I have used Wondershare Quiz Creator to create a range of self marking tests which have worked really well in the past see

    However I really like the idea of using Google Docs for this purpose, such a wonderful application. As im busy teaching the body systems to my year 7 PE students I may indeed utilise this approach. Have you used QR codes in your PE classes before? I used them recently to help with teaching the skeletal system, you can take a look at


  2. Wondershare looks like a great little tool. Love the nutrition quiz you developed. I am looking around for a freeware version and noticed you recently tagged classmarker so am playing around with that and it looks quite good. Will let you know.

    I found that google docs were quite good for the self marking quizzes but I am finding them a lot more useful for class discussions, debates and group work where all the students can work on the same document at the same time and see it updated in real time.
    We use them as a faculty also to develop programs etc where we can all work on the one document. Quite a big fan of most of the google programs.

    QR codes look very interesting. I don’t have a compatible mobile at the moment but will look at using them for our orienteering unit we do with our yr 10 classes later this year.

    Lots of great things you are doing around integrating technology. Look forward to seeing your future endeavours!!

  3. You can download

    Which will let you use your webcam as a QR code reader, works very well. QR code orienteering is excellent fun would love to see how you use it.

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