Kylie recently told me of a great little way she explains the problem of judging people on their looks. She explains that our appearance is like the wrapping paper of a present. Our appearance is simply a covering for what is inside and it is what is inside that is most important. As for the present, the wrapping paper is far less important than what is inside and if we were to judge presents by the wrapping paper it would be very difficult to determine the quality of the present inside. Shabby wrapping paper can cover the most beautiful presents and beautiful wrapping paper can cover up some not so nice presents. This goes for people too. If we judge people on their appearance before we know them then we may miss out on the wonderful gift that is inside.

I just found a great video to help discuss stereotyping from Britain’s got talent. Susan Boyle blows everyone away with her performance as Paul Potts did 3 years earlier and this too has a lot of potential to be used in the classroom. The introduction to the video shows a very cynical audience and judges who clearly judge Susan before she performs. They expect very little from her and when she sings she immediately blows them all away. I think this would be worth stopping the video just before she sings to discuss the stereotyping the judges and audience do and what they expect and think about Susan. Love these videos!!

How would you use it?


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