Mindmapping with bubbl.us

I have been using bubbl.us as a prefered mindmapping tool with students for a while now because it is so simple to use. Students don’t have to sign in and a 30 second demonstration can have the students off and running. I find this to be a fairly common feature of web based apps – they are designed to be very intuitive and simple to use. Students also seem to like the visual design and the way the bubbles explode when you delete them. Funny how the small things can make such a difference. The students actually want to understand the work so they can create more bubbles and join them together etc which was an unplanned benefit of using computer over paper. The fact they can make mistakes and fix them and produce a nice looking product at the end encourages them to experiment as they go and not worry too much about making mistakes which I quite like also.

I have included a quick video showing a few of the features and how it works and have attached a link to some of the students work. I uploaded their mindmaps to flickr and the next step will be for the students to go in and critique the mind maps using some of the features on flickr that allow students to comment on the images.

Click the image above to see the students work.


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