Digital education revolution – opportunity for reflection

I am getting more and more excited about the digital education revolution that is happening in NSW DET Schools, and not just for the great opportunity I see this providing for students. I think part of its greatest potential is all of the reflection on learning that will occur amongst teachers over the next few years.

Conversations have already well and truly started and will continue as teachers grapple with a new aspect to teaching and learning. I am sure it will encourage many with its great potential but also trouble others who have difficulty with, or resist its use for a wide variety of reasons. It is the conversations that will come about because of this that I see have such great potential. Teachers will be forced to re examine their practices and think about the ways we currently do things and whether there are better ways of doing them. I am sure that initially there will be people who strongly oppose the laptops, and those who are strong campaigners for them and to me this will be healthy for the debates that will arise over how, when and why laptops can be effective learning tools.

A lot of these conversations will take place in spaces where others will have access to them and while they may be locked down behind DET walls, DET teachers will (should) all have the opportunity to take part in these conversations. In the past these may have taken place in faculty rooms, network meetings or executive areas, but they were largely constrained to the people and spaces in which they took place. We now have the means for these to take place in online spaces which can be shared and accessed anytime, anywhere with internet access. To me this is powerful and will help us as teachers develop and reflect on current practices, which will hopefully benefit students in all of our classes.


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