Top ten tools for teachers in the digital education revolution – PDHPE

While I think the core messages need to be about the pedagogy as opposed to the tools, I thought I would put together a few of the tools that I think would be of most benefit teachers who are just starting out on their digital journey.

1. delicious (or other social bookmarking tool) – a simple way to share and find web based resources with others. Create networks and subscribe to key words so you collect everything from the web that you want without having to go looking for it. Here are my PDHPE links as an example.

2. google reader (or other RSS tool) – have the web come to you. Instead of returning to quality sites to see if they have changed, get them to send you all of their new stuff with an RSS feed. Can collect from blogs, wikis & webpages that displat the little RSS symbol (and any other pages with ‘add to rss’ or similar).

3. pbworks (or other wiki platform) – wiki’s are a great way to collaborate with others and a simple way to create interactive webpages. Yr 12 PDHPE Wiki and 9 PASS wiki as examples.

4. google docs – I could really separate each document as they all have great features but again, the ability for more than one person to interact on the one document has some great potential benefits. The spreadsheets application is one of my favourites as it can be used to create online surveys that are automatically entered into a spreadsheet. Great for surveying students and creating quizzes. The word document is useful for faculty programming and group tasks.

5. WordPress (or other blogging platform) – great tool for webpage creation, reflective writing, publishing and sharing student work amongst other things. Example of Yr 7 PDHPE and Sport Coaching Blog used with students. Lots of great PDHPE blogs around if you have a look about!!

6. Google calendar – keep organised and productive with google calendar. Send free sms or email reminders for events and organise your work and personal life.

7. slideshare – loads of great powerpoints and resources here and a great place to share and store student presentations. Ability to embed them into your own blogs and wikis to showcase student works.

8. youtube/teacher tube – lots of great resources here and the potential to post up the work of students to add to your wiki or webpages. You can keep them private if required and have a place to store your video’s online.

9. Twitter – while I rarely ‘tweet’ myself I do come across a lot of resources from the people I follow who seemed to have slowed down on the blog posts and amped up the twittering.

10. google search – I almost don’t consider it a tool because I use it so regularly and it is such a natural part of using the internet. Can’t go past it though.

Lots of others I could easily slot in but all of the above deserve their place (for the time being!).


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  1. Great list! One of the PDHPE blogs around the place is ours here: Let us know what you think!

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