Daily Telegraph reply

Saw an interesting article in the daily telegraph today that I thought it raised a lot of good points about issues with the current computer roll out. I disagreed with one point and have included my reply.

“Personal computers, desktops and laptops are as the name indicates intended for personal use and not classroom teaching. They are not, and never will be an appropriate technology for teaching a whole class.”

Perhaps not in the traditional sense where the teacher stands at the front of the room and attempts to fill the heads of students with information that they must regurgitate for a test, but they can be extremely powerful classroom tools if you are looking to have students create and construct knowledge and look at alternative models of schooling that are more relevant to the age we live in. Constructivist learning theories are well supported by a digital classroom and they provide the opportunity to create student centred learning environments and diversify learning to make learning more relevant and engaging to students. 

An internet connected laptop is by far the most powerful learning tool we have ever had access to, but I agree that it all comes down to the ability of the teacher to harness the tool and create experiences for learning and this is the bit the government seems to have missed. Professional development and teacher ability is the key to making this worthwhile and this unfortunately appears to be an afterthought, as opposed to the foundation of the initiative.


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