Feedback for teachers

After reading parts of John Hattie’s visible learning it really re-emphasised the importance of feedback being so critical for student learning. Any educator knows that feedback has a huge impact on learning, especially if it is timely, specific and provides direction on ways to improve.

And this got me to thinking about just how little feedback we get as teachers.

Besides having prac teachers in my classes a few times a year I get very little feedback from students or other teachers on my performance as a teacher. It largely comes down to my intuition and personal reflection on lessons and in the busyness of school life, quite a few lessons unfortunately get very little reflection.

This to me is a real shame as I know there are lots of areas of my teaching that I could use some tweaking on and quite possibly areas that require attention that I am not conscious of. And the reality is that a lot of these things go unnoticed and I never have the opportunity to improve in those areas and ultimately provide better learning opportunities for students.

While I have been surveying students regularly on my teaching (love google forms!!) I think there is a lot to be said for having another teacher critique what happens in the classroom and engage in discussion around this.

How much could good quality feedback help improve my teaching?


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