“Teachers do not write on inanimate objects but on the hearts and minds of human beings”


In attending the funeral of Kevin Wade today (a magnificent teacher from Magdalene) the above quote jumped into my head when I saw a mass of students exit the church to form a guard of honour. On Christmas eve, so many students donned their full school uniform in stifling heat to pay their respects to a man who had taught and cared for them. He had clearly touched the lives of  so many students and I can see just why so many students would have felt this way when I think about how he treated everyone he met. He was a larger than life personality who made everyone around him feel good and he had a genuine care for other people.

The eulogy mentioned that he was doing his dream job and would not change it for the world and I think teaching can be like that. At its core is working with people and while they may forget the formulas he taught them, they will never forget how he treated them, nor will anyone who was lucky enough to cross his path.

You have clearly taught them well Kev and you would have been so proud to see just how many lives you touched.

Thanks for the laughs and memories Kev.  RIP mate.


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