2009 wrap up (a little late)


2009 finished in a real whirl with term 4 being one of the more hectic terms I have ever been through, hence the late reflection. It was a year overall where the blogging dropped off a fraction and that is something I aim to rectify this year. This was in part to finally having a look at twitter and I must say it is a great tool for coming across resources. While I have not posted as religiously as most I regularly read and come across great resources on a regular basis using twitter. Twitter has quickly become a staple in my professional learning and I see this continuing in 2010.

Term 4 began with presenting at the PDHPE conference which was a great experience and while a little out of the comfort zone, it was something I enjoyed and hope to do again. The presentation was repeated in a webinar at the end of term and that was a very different experience. Presenting to a blank screen and knowing there were 60 odd other particpants at the other end was hard to get the head around. Resources for both presentations are at – http://ictinpdhpe09.pbworks.com (conference) & http://ictinpe.wikispaces.com (ACHPER Webinar). Both workshops were really just introductory teasers into what is out there and showcased a range of simple but powerful apps that can be used by teachers to enhance teaching and learning. It looks as though ACHPER might run a range of ‘how to’ workshops this year and I look forward to being involved in these if the option arises.

Towards the end of the term the position of Learning Technologies Coordinator came up at Magdalene and this was a key driver behind the unusually hectic ending to the term. Applying interviewing and receiving the job meant I had to tie up all things associated with PDHPE Coordinating and get my head around a new role in the final weeks of term. No small feat and I think it will take some time yet to get my head around the new role!

As mentioned in the previous post, the end of they year had a tragic ending which really shook my world and the beginning weeks of 2010 will be particularly difficult with my next door neighbour to be in the staffroom no longer there. What I have come out of the experience with is a strengthened commitment to helping others and really focusing on the ‘human element’ of being a teacher. It was without doubt Kev’s strength and effective relationships are so crucial to teaching. While I often get caught up in the busyness of work, I aim to ensure that this year I invest time and effort in developing the great relationships I have with the students and teachers at Magdalene as at the end of the day, to me, it is what teaching is all about.


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  1. Brad, thanks for leaving the comment on my blog. Its lead me to discover yours. Always exciting to find other HPE teachers interested in sharing out there. Keep up the good work and hope to network in the future. Cheers.

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