Inspire Conference

I have been trying something different at the inspire conference by taking my notes in twitter and getting them to feed into a program called cover it live. It basically gives me a stream of the points I found interesting and a web history that I can go back to. Unfortunately the wireless was a little flaky but I like the idea as this can also be shared with others back at school who can either keep an eye on what’s happening live or check it out at a later date. Here is the feed for the two days.

Inspire Conference 2010


2 Responses

  1. Nice idea and useful for combining two task into one in a situation where you only have time to do one well!
    I’ll have a look at cover it live myself now. Thanks Brad!

  2. Was an interesting situation as I wanted to be a part of the bigger conversation so used twitter but ended up taking notes in googledocs while network was down to share later. Towards the end the network came back and I was torn between twitter or googledocs. I think twitter won out.

    The coveritlive was for folks back at work but not sure that any would have hooked in as I did not advertise it and was a last minute thought. Going to use it as a sample for staff as a way they can share when they are out at conferences/PD days. Always on about sharing what we learn at PD days and this is one way that might work for some people.

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