Information Overload and action

Reality check – I need to do a lot more with the ideas that I have and refine my PLN to a more manageable level. While I have not necessarily contributed a great deal of late I have read as much or more than ever but I am not sure it is improving my teaching in proportion to the amount of time I spend in my PLN.

For me, my reading and interaction with the web is largely a professional matter as I try to learn more and access quality resources and ideas that will benefit the students I teach. But at the end of the day an idea is only worthwhile if it leads to action and I think this is where I need to focus more effort. I think there comes a time when you have to draw a line and make a call and put into action what you think is best at that point in time. I am holding off on a few things waiting for a better way to do it, or further evidence to support it, or evidence contradicting it and find this quite frustrating now that I have recognised this.

So current goal is to put into action some of the ideas that have been floating around and refine as I go rather than trying to dish it up perfectly. I also need to refine my PLN and look at the time I spend engaged in web based professional learning and look for more efficient ways of doing this.

Teaching is a marathon not a sprint race.


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  1. Interesting post, Brad. It is always god to reflect on the value you are getting from your PLN and the best use of your time.
    I’ve just come across this article which speaks about what you have eluded to above:
    From the article:
    For me, it’s more important to keep abreast of new thinking about learning methods (rather than new tools) because these can have an immediate impact on the effectiveness of your solutions, regardless of the media that are used for their delivery. Do you spend the majority of your time in your PLN looking/finding new tools to use with students, or more time researching new thinking on teaching/learning methods…

    Interested to hear your thoughts…


  2. Hi Sam – good to hear from you!!

    Interesting article you have posted and it aligns with my present thinking also.

    I am far more interested in ‘quality learning and teaching’ type reading at present as opposed to the latest ‘tools’. I have been reading a lot about the poor use of constructivist approaches in the classroom lately which challenges the project based/discovery learning model on a number of fronts. I like challenging my thinking and have found this type of reading to be really beneficial.

    Having said that I still keep the eyes open for new tools that might be effective in the classroom but really wait for a bit of a groundswell before I look too deeply.

    What about you? What are you reading now a days?

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