Which answer do you want sir?

hands up

Had an interesting question asked in class today which strikes at the heart of one of the challenges of teaching PDHPE. In posing a range of discussion questions to students around their thoughts on sexual harrassment and sexual assault (eg: a person who wears tight or ‘sexy’ clothing is asking for it) I had one of my more ‘open’ students ask –
‘Which answer do you want sir – the one you want to hear or the one we really think?”.

I was actually extremely grateful that she asked the question as I think our students are very good at giving us the answers we want to hear even when they may think differently – ‘playing school’ I guess. Her asking this question enabled me to say that I wanted to hear what they really think and this seemed to encourage a real discussion instead of going through ‘school’ answers.

One of the challenges I acknowledge is engaging students in ‘real’ discussion where they can open up and really tackle the tricky issues. This also takes some ground rules and skills in managing to ensure students do not say things that will offend others or stigmatise them out of the class, but can make class much more engaging and authentic and hopefully allow some real learning to occur that can be taken out of the classroom.

image – http://www.siouxcityschools.org/pages/uploaded_images/hands%20up.gif


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