2011 = action

I read about an idea today where you choose one word as a focus for the year ahead instead of making up ‘resolutions’ (thanks to @pipcleaves on twitter for the find). I like the idea and my word came to me within about 3 seconds – ‘action’.

It sits perfectly with me and I feel is the ideal word for what I need to do in the year ahead. To reflect on my past I think I know a lot more and have far more ideas than I implement and often over analyse and hold back at the expense of trying something and reflecting.

So 2011 will be about doing more with what I know. Putting ideas into action with my classes. I certainly feel I need to bridge the gap between what know and what I do and a focus on ‘action’ in 2011 will hopefully help bring these closer together.

Next few posts will outline some of these ideas.


6 Responses

  1. Sounds like a great focus for 2011, Brad.

    Looking really forward to seeing what you do this year, congratulations on your appointment, too!


  2. Thanks Sam. Looking forward to a big year ahead!!

    Hope the holidays are treating you well!!



  3. Brad
    Your the man for action, I really like that your putting this out there.

    • Thanks Mark – plan for 2010 is to put a few things into action and share them as I go. See what the year brings!!

  4. great word for 2011 mate. look forward to following your year

    • Cheers Jarrod. Hope to be able to live it and share more. I’m using yourself as a role model in this area!!

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