2012 – professional accomplishment

I have noticed myself being drawn to reading about nuts and bolts, nitty gritty teaching blogs and figured that it might be an interesting exercise for 2012 to begin writing along these lines. 2012 will also see me begin a journey towards professional accomplishment with the NSW Institute of Teachers and so I figure that the 2 should align nicely for a focus in 2012. (These may help me actually post regularly which is something I have struggled with the past few years).

I have been thinking about further study for a few years now and completing my masters is something I think I will complete in the very near future. I am just not sure of the exact course I would like to complete and so I think the professional accomplishment process should still help my professional development and help me reflect on my current teaching practice while I decide what course to complete.

I plan to post and develop some web based evidence of my own teaching and the steps I have taken towards professional accomplishment and figure this may be useful to others who are thinking about completing this process. I am planning on using the holidays to organise myself and get started with a plan of attack as once the year begins I know how hectic it gets and time will fly by.

At this stage I have completed the preliminary application and I am about to pay the full application fee to officially begin the process. My first post will be about the first steps of the process.


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