Professional accomplishment – Why?

There are probably a few key reasons why I have chosen to complete the professional accomplishment process.

1. For further formal professional learning to help reflect on my development as a teacher.

2. For acknowledgment of the skills and knowledge I have developed over my teaching career.

3. To go through the process to be better able to help others who may wish to undertake it.

4. Wanting to complete some formal professional development to complement the informal professional development I have completed over the years.

5. Inevitability of having to go through the process eventually so get in early!

On point 4. the amount of informal reading/learning i have undertaken over the years is difficult to quantify. I feel that this informal learning has been extremely beneficial to my teaching and see this as being a critical aspect of my future professional learning. I also find myself seeking some external feedback and on my thoughts and practice that  I guess is difficult to achieve in informal contexts.

On point 5. there has been talk about linking ‘performance pay’ to the Australian Institute of Teachers (AITSL) Standards. The risk in undertaking the NSWIT accreditation now is that it may be redundant very shortly or require some additional work to meet the AITSL requirements. I guess my thinking is that there are likely to be a range of changes in this area over the coming years and I think the process will be beneficial regardless of whether there is long term benefit with the AITSL framework.


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