Challenges of professional accomplishment

I think the idea of professional accomplishment and teaching standards are very worthwhile but there are some challenges in ensuring validity.

I think one of the difficulties of going through the process of professional accomplishment is the idea that you need to prove to a few people that you meet a whole raft of criteria without knowing exactly how to demonstrate this. By this I mean the depth of information required and level of documentation that is sufficient to show that you meet these criteria. I am confident that if someone could trail me for a term they could see I meet the criteria but a day or two’s worth of observation is likely to lead to a ‘demonstration’ type lessons that may not reflect the regular classroom. How much detail is needed for documentation at the professional accomplishment level? (Hopefully I can answer this for you soon!) I must say that their support documents are very detailed and will be very helpful but it would be great to see some examples of other acceptable evidence.

In reality determining whether someone meets these criteria is not something that can be done with a few days of external observation. Referee checks provide further depth but again place a large responsibility on other teachers to justify your cause and to me this seems a fairly onerous task to other teachers. This is probably my greatest concern at this stage as asking someone to be a referee appears to be quite a bit of work for them.

I can see the process needs to be rigorous but initially I have to say it seems fairly overwhelming. I am sure as I get into it it will appear more manageable but initially this seems like an awful lot of work!



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