This page has been created as a resource for staff completing the ‘Blogging’ workshop at Magdalene Catholic High School.

We will have a quick look at the following questions/issues.
1. What is a blog?
2. Why would I want to Blog as an educator?
3. Learning from other people’s blogs?
4. Why have a class blog/get my students to blog?
5. Keeping my students safe while blogging.
6. How to set up a blog.
7. Links and resources.

What is a Blog?
“A blog (an abridgment of the term web log) is a website, usually maintained by an individual, with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse chronological order.” (Wikipedia)

The short video below gives a great insight into blogs in under 3 minutes. Definitely worth watching to get your head around blogs.

Why would I want to set up my own Blog as an educator?
As an educator blogging can be a way to:

  • Reflect on your practice.
  • Open up your classroom and ideas to others, and engage in conversation with others about issues you find important.
  • Network with other educators passionate about issues you find important.

A quick video talking about the value of blogging.

Learning from other people’s blogs?

Reading other blogs can be a great professional learning tool and networking tool. A very time efficient way to read other people’s blogs is to ‘subscribe’ to their blogs using RSS. This simply means that any new entries get sent to you rather than you having to go and check all the time whether something new has been added. There are lots of applications that can do this and a simple method I use is ‘google reader‘. We will set up setup google reader in our workshop.

Why have a class blog/get my students to blog?

There are lots of reasons why blogs can be a useful tool in the classroom. Blogs are generally used as either instructional tools as a way of delivering class work and differentiating instruction for students and/or as a conversational tool to enable students to engage in dialogue and collaborate to develop their understanding of the subject.

A few reasons for using blogs are listed below:

  • Motivate students to think about what they write and engage in their learning
  • Share student ideas and allow students to learn from one another.
  • Celebrate student work
  • To communicate with parents and students
  • A place to organise class content & online video’s, pictures articles  to support the course work.
  • Provide extension activities for students
  • Provide and audience for students work
  • Educate students about responsible publishing
  • As a journaling tool

There are many more ways to use blogs!!
Why teachers and schools should be blogging

10 ways to use blogs in the classroom – edublogs

Student and teacher blogging that succeeds

Magdalene Sport Coaching Class Blog.

Keeping my students safe while blogging.

An important issue with blogging is that students are publishing information to the web and a wide audience and it is important to protect students in doing so. It presents a great opportunity for us to educate students about responsible web publishing which is an area many would agree students could use a little help (search through a few of our students facebook and myspace pages if you are not sure where I am going with this).

Some simple guidelines for student blogs can include:
1. Never publish your full name, photo, address or phone number.
2. Do not post about personal details or feelings or things you may be embarrassed about later.
3. Be respectful of others in your writing.
4. Check your spelling and grammar before you post.
5. Think before you post.
6. Always follow the class blog rules.

Some sample class blog rules

I have listed a link below that outlines the DET policy for wikis and blogs.
NSW DET guidelines for Blogging

How to set up a blog.

There are lots of sites that will host your blogs. I have listed a few that that are commonly used by educators and students. (There are many more available)

Blogs are typically very user friendly to set up. After a little playing around managing a blog is also a fairly simple task.

Missed the workshop – Edublogs video tutorials should be able to help.

Resources and Links

bloggingcorner08 – Great resource for beginning bloggers and all things to do with blogs. Western Australian education departments information on blogs. Australian Government site on internet safety focusing on blogs.

Blogs in general

Edublog awards 2007 – nominations for best educational blogs 2007. links to a wide range of educational blogs. Mark Wolley’s Blog which looks at all things web 2.0. great starting point for people wanting to set up and learn more about blogs. Great short video on what blogs are and how they work.

Professional Learning Blogs Corpus Christi Blog

Subject specific blogs

Maths Blogs

Science Blogs




Student ITVET Blog

9 IST student blog



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